Photo Resume


Originally based in Los Angeles, my client list has been focused on the entertainment industry. Most of my clients have been individuals, though a few have been company accounts. (i.e. managers, agents, realtors, etc.)


Make-up Artist; People/Product photography; 120mm & 35mm format; Tabletop photography (4 x 5); Layout/Comp preparation; Lighting specialist; Graphic/Web design; Computers.


  • Actors
  • Models
  • Dancers
  • Musicians
  • Portfolio Work

(list furnished upon request)


United Capital Markets, Inc.

  • Photographed corporate portraits for LA office & website.
  • Provided input as to content for website.
  • Responsible for all creative and lighting effects.

WEE Filmworks

  • Photographed movie poster for "Wages Of Sin Is Death".
  • Photographed promotional stills.
  • Responsible for all creative and lighting effects.


  • Assisted Tony Esparza with all photographic EQ at several key shoots.
  • Provided key support with lighting.
  • Photographed various celebrities for the "CBS Fall Campaign".

MAD Magazine's "300th" issue

  • Photographed Steven Spielberg with Dave & Mitch Berg.
  • Organized the layout for the shoot.
  • Responsible for all key lighting.


  • Make-up artist for all celebrities featured on CNBC.
  • Provided key support in lighting and setup.
  • Directed & lit closing shot for...

" David Sheehan's Academy Awards Special" (as well as make-up)

Keystone Communications, Inc.

  • Make-up artist for celebrities featured on several daytime talk shows.
  • Make-up artist for a number of Celebrity Media tours.
  • Make-up artist for the CMA (Country Music Association) Awards.
  • Provided key support in lighting and setup.

Westland Graphics, Inc.

  • Photographed many of their promotional items for portfolio display. (i.e. stand-ups, album covers, posters, etc.)
  • Provided and designed all lighting effects.
  • Made key decisions with regards to final setup.


  • Photographed clients who desired a glamorous facade.
  • Made all decisions regarding backgrounds and mood.
  • Handled decisions for all special effects.
  • Provided and/or created all lighting effects.


Michelangelo Hair Salon

  • Photographed stylists in salon for ads in papers and magazines.
  • Made all decisions regarding location, lighting and wardrobe.
  • Assisted stylists with make-up choices.

Java Centrale, Inc.

  • Photographed coffee carts on location for brochure.
  • Photographed several of their cafés for newsletters.
  • Provided and/or created all lighting setups.

Ujena Swimwear

  • Photographed poster shots for their Santa Barbara store.
  • Made all creative decisions involving make-up, wardrobe, & locations.
  • Provided and/or created all lighting effects.

Alan Berliner Studios, Inc.

  • Assisted and set lighting for studio photo sessions.
  • Make-up artist for studio portraits.
  • Instrumental in establishing the production of photo layouts.
  • Handled black & white developing and supervised the front desk.


Brooks Institute of Photography Santa Barbara, CA
(Advanced Photographic Studies): July 1986 to August 1988

Santa Monica College Santa Monica, CA
(Business/Psychology): Sept. 1981 to June 1982