About The Shoot

Shooting Headshots in Los Angeles, on location, can be difficult with the increasing traffic, as well as finding the right location. Not a problem... Douglas uses Green Screen technology for all Headshot sessions, at his studio in Los Angeles… There is no longer a need to travel to locations. They can now come to you! He has virtually thousands of backgrounds to choose from, as well as traditional backdrops. The possibilities are endless! The backgrounds can also be manipulated in many ways (darkened or lightened to enhance the mood). The bokeh, also known as depth of field, can be adjusted to totally control the narrative. Additionally, Douglas also offers self-taping options at his Headshot studio in Los Angeles... You can also make wonderful video greeting cards, and appear to be anywhere in the world, right from his Headshot studio in Los Angeles!

When you arrive, Douglas will go over your choices for each look, or what is commonly known as a wardrobe change + Background set-up. He shoots as many individually crafted shots, as needed for each look. This is to achieve the best interpretation of you. Whatever you want to convey, Douglas will capture it with his unique vision. You will be able to review your images on a 40" 4K LED TV screen. This gives you the opportunity to review and make adjustments, immediately. An Online Gallery of your shoot will be provided for a full month, to review your images. This enables you to send them to your Agent, Manager, friends & family, and others who can assist you in the very important decision of choosing the best image(s) to represent you.

After the shoot, Douglas will assist you in the task of choosing the best shot for editing... All retouching is done with the client present, so as to ensure complete satisfaction. Douglas uses a gentle hand when retouching, while maintaining the integrity of your look. Due to the detail of digital photography, it is important to know that that softening lines in the face is preferred over removing them… The removing of blemishes, and other temporary situations is standard... The main point is to enhance the photograph not transform it. Reality is the key.

What to Wear... With a private Dressing & Make-up room, it is suggested that you bring several styles of wardrobe (Business, Elegant, Casual, Sporty, Edgy, etc.). Having several choices in each style is recommended. Colors are not a problem. They often enhance the mood. It is advised to stay away from prints or patterns. Coats, jackets, and sweaters are beneficial for that layered look. T-shirts that have a textured style can also work. Collared shirts often give more definition to a look, though. Jeans or slacks may be brought (to enhance a certain look). Jewelry is not recommended. The most important thing is to be comfortable.

Consultations are free... However, should the client wish to schedule a shoot for a later date, Full Payment via PayPal™, will be required to secure the booking... All bookings made using PayPal™, should be made 7 days prior to the scheduled booking. Arriving 15 minutes late to the shoot, without calling, will result in the loss of the "free" retouch. If the client should reschedule or cancel, less than 48 hours prior to said booking, the client will lose their deposit. Retouches included in each package will expire 30 Days from the Shoot Date.