What Clients have said…

  • Rebecca Gepford, Actor

    gepford2My agent picked 5 awesome pictures from the 20 shot. That’s utterly remarkable considering, with my last photographer, we were lucky if we got one good shot on a roll of 36. The way you have everything set up, with your business, makes it so easy. It’s like one stop shopping. I love being able to view the images on the monitor and choosing which shots I want to keep. That’s absolute genius! No one else offers that. Your prices gave me so much more than I could have ever asked for! Obviously, your experience shines through in the final product. Thanks so much for your patience with me. I know I can be difficult at times. Thanks for everything.

  • Elaine Piha, Author

    Piha30I recently had my headshots taken at dmn Designs and the experience was easy, comfortable and quick. My photos were taken the same day I visited the studio and one week later I had my photos (and retouches) in hand, ready for use. Douglas was relaxed, helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. I highly recommend dmn Designs if you are looking for a low-cost, high-quality product.

  • Bob Dougherty, Actor

    Dougherty87For the second time, I enlisted Douglas’ services for headshots and for the second time I was pleased as punch. In fact, I came away from this session even more satisfied that I was with the previous, and mind you that first session was a homerun, producing the headshot that enabled me to get signed with a prestigious commercial agency. I’ve never worked with a photographer that produced better results than Douglas’, and I feel that I give myself the best chance for success if he’s taking my pictures. He’s very frank and firm in his vision, which is to say that he is going to provide you with the best photos and advice you’re likely to find. He will not waste your time; quite the contrary, he’ll express what he’s thinking whether it’s what outfits work for you, what poses accentuate the vibe you’re going for in your photos, what reproduction labs will give you the best prints, and how to effectively shop yourself if you’re trying to get into commercials, acting, or modeling. His prices are fair, but you’ll likely be so happy with your pictures that you’ll think he’s underselling himself.

  • Nathaniel Harris, Actor

    harrisThanks for the great photos Doug! I just booked another commercial…and the auditions just keep coming. My manager is very happy! She said that you really captured my personality. I have to say that I was impressed by how professionally you handled our session, while still keeping things fun and comfortable. Had a great time and I plan on recommending you to all the actors I know.

  • Delphine Lorin Porter, Line Producer – MTV Networks

    porter3porter1I was very happy to have finally found a professional Portrait/Headshot photographer on the westside. I have 2 small children and driving them to Hollywood wasn’t an option, so finding Douglas was a blessing. He not only made the photo shoot a painless experience, but my shy 18 month old really opened up and gave us dozens of expressions. I couldn’t even decide which one to pick, each shot is amazing. I would recommend Douglas in a heartbeat…and will be bringing my children back.

  • Laicah T. Castillo, Actor

    castilloI would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for taking such awesome photos of me. You truly brought out a side of me that I never thought I had. You brought out my natural beauty and made me appreciate myself more. I would recommend Douglas M. Nelson to everyone who is looking for a professional photographer to take their headshots. I had the opportunity to work with him today…which was the first time with a professional photographer taking my pictures. At first, I was a little nervous…But, after he was done and I was able to see the results, I was very thrilled and happy of how it turned out. All of the pictures he took were the work of a real artist (no lie)! Take it from somebody that has worked with him…If you want your pictures to turn out GREAT, go to Douglas! He will take care of you the way he took care of me. I guarantee you that you will not regret it…because he knows what he’s doing!

  • Chantalle Goldstein, Actor

    chonnie1Thank you Doug! The photo shoot was wonderful! I am very happy with my headshots and I know they will do me justice! The whole shoot went great and it was very professional. You made me feel very comfortable. I am glad I went with you! Thanks so much and I will be telling everyone about you!!

  • Dawn Sarty, Actor

    sartyOver the years I have had three sets of headshots done by different photographers – you were my fourth photographer.  It was the first time I felt so at ease and relaxed.  The session was a pleasure, and as a result, I had 44 out of 48 very usable photographs, which made it very difficult to choose just one. Thank you for your professionalism and my great headshots. I will not hesitate to recommend you to friends.

  • Mario A. Monico, Musician

    monicoI’m having fun looking at the shoots and I sometimes feel I can’t have enough of myself. Anyways even though I was a bit nervous, you made me feel like a VIP. Looking at your work makes me feel good in the aspect of self-esteem and it is human nature, that by default, we seek pleasure versus pain. I’m very happy with your work, and after looking at so many bad photos of myself… I never thought I could look this good. Really you have no idea how much this is elevating me, after receiving a major blow to my ego a few years back, this is a step to my long recovery. You really know your work! And it is an art. I’m looking forward to future projects with you. C – U @ 3rd Street promenade.

  • Ivana Rojas, Actor

    rojasI had an amazing experience during the shoot, thanks to Douglas’ comforting compliments and extraordinary shooting skills, I was able to get the perfect shot (out of many). Every picture came out “Picture Perfect” and I hope everyone gets a chance to take pictures with Mr. Nelson because you’ll definitely be satisfied! Thank you again!!!

  • Andrea Puckett, for Lia & Nicole Sine, Actor

    sineI would highly recommend using Douglas’ photography services to anyone who needs high quality photos at a more-than-fair price. My daughters & I left the studio with proofsheets, a web gallery, and smiles on our faces…after an unhurried session, in which, Douglas went above and beyond the required duties of photographer…lending a helping hand with their wardrobe, giving us suggestions on choosing the shots, and generally creating a great working atmosphere.  We couldn’t have asked for more.

  • Collin Hurst, Actor

    HurstOnce again Doug, I would like to thank you for the wonderful shots, and experience. You made me feel comfortable and able to work without any sort of pressure. Your set up is wonderful, and the fact that you do everything is an added plus. I was blown away at the quality of the shots, and how professional, yet pleasant you were. Thanks a million man!!

  • Mina & Gina Lelet, Actor

    leletWe had such a great time at our shoot! You made me and my daughter feel like we’ve known you forever. You were very funny and pleasant to work with, our pictures came out terrrrrific! I will recommend you to everyone.

  • Al Taylor, Actor

    taylor1This marks the fourth time in several years that I have used Douglas as my headshot photographer. I find his approach to be very artistic. He takes care in his lighting and use of backdrops. I have also noticed that he is constantly upgrading his photographic equipment to better serve his clients. I know that when I need headshots in the future, I will not hesitate to give Douglas another call…

  • Robert Wagner, Actor

    wagnerDouglas thank you so much for the wonderful shots and the time and attention you gave me during my shoot. Your skill, patience and personality allowed me to be comfortable and focused. The shots are just what I wanted. Thank you for your extra time. Thanks again…

  • Richard Johnson, Actor

    johnson1I found that shooting with Douglas was easy because I could see that he cared. He is excited about his work, and is thoroughly professional. He truly cared about lighting details and, in general, with the whole shooting environment. I came out looking good because he cared.

  • Mona Fierro, Actor

    fierroWanted you to know that I just worked a week on The Office, NBC 4. I showed my pictures to some more people and they really love them. They have a hard time choosing which one or ones they like the best.

  • T.C. (Pete) Peterson, Actor

    peterson3I wanted to thank you very much for the photos you shot for me yesterday! The photos you took of me were OFF THE HOOK! I feel very confident that when I submit these to the casting agencies, the wait for a job assignment will be very short! Again, thank you very much for your expert service.

  • Tori & Victor Berba, Actor

    berba1Just want you to know that my eleven year old daughter and her talent agent are very happy with the headshots we submitted. Her photo session with you was great! She was relaxed and the pictures turned out great. I will highly recommend you to her friends and anyone who are also in need of photos. Good Job!

  • Maricelle Jeannette, Actor

    jeannette1Douglas, you’re a terrific photographer! I was very impressed with your talent and professionalism. Your great sense of humor makes the atmosphere relaxing and the photo shoot fun. What I appreciated the most was that I got to look at each digital photo right after it was shot, to see if I was happy with it. With other photographers, I am lucky if I end up with a few good ones I can use. Douglas, all my photos were great shots!

  • John Murray, Actor

    murrayHey Doug, Good to work with a Professional who knows what they’re doing. I would definitely recommend your work. I have a Nike commercial audition today and a meet with an agent on Friday. I’ll recommend your work to anyone in the business.

  • Dora Canady, Actor

    I was recently referred to dmn Designs Photography Headshots, by Prince Charm’n, and I must say it was a wonderful experience! I have been out of the film industry for many years, raising my children, and was a little nervous about my photo shoot. Well, that nervousness only lasted a few minutes, once I met Douglas. Not only did he make me feel very comfortable, he enlightened me on the way the industry operates today. I was able to handle my shoot in a relaxed disposition and follow his instructions well. I am extremely satisfied with photos, and so is everyone that has seen them… Thank you Douglas.